Russia has signed a contract to induct the Kinzhal hypersonic missile

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Russia has signed a contract to induct the Kinzhal hypersonic missile
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The Russian Defence Ministry has announced that it signed a contract to deliver a batch of Kinzhal hypersonic nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missiles with the KB Mashinostroyeniya (Machine-Building Design Bureau, part of the Rostec corporation).

At the international defence forum Army-2021, a state contract for the production and delivery of Kinzhal missiles was signed, according to the Russian Defence Ministry, which spoke to reporters.

Hypersonic weapons will be the primary component of Russia’s conventional deterrence forces, according to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, who stated this in February.

Additionally, according to the Sputnik News Agency, a representative of the Russian Aerospace Forces told President Vladimir Putin that Russia’s fifth-generation Su-57 fighters might be equipped with the future Kinzhal missiles after 2030.

Earlier, two MiG-31K aircraft carrying Kinzhal hypersonic missiles were deployed to Syria for the first time as part of joint military drills, the Russian defence ministry had stated.

“A pair of MiG-31K aircraft, which can use the newest Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, flew for the exercise to Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in the Syrian Arab Republic,” the statement said.

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