Rostec Reduces the Price of Su-75 Checkmate

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Rostec Reduces the Price of Su-75 Checkmate
Rostec underwent technical changes to optimize the Su-75 Checkmate’s cost to answer potential buyers’ demands.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), part of Rostec State Corporation, developed the Su-75 Checkmate single-engine light tactical combat jet for the export market to reduce the aircraft's price. The company targets increasing its competitive performance and commercial appeal, as well as reducing technical risks while creating a domestically-made single-engine aircraft
Russian News Agency TASS quoted Rostec, “Rostec's United Aircraft Corporation is accepting input from potential buyers regarding the Checkmate project. In addition to accepting additional requirements expressed by potential buyers, efforts are made to optimize costs and analyse specific technical solutions. This makes it possible to increase its competitive performance and commercial appeal and reduce technical risks while creating a domestically made single-engine aircraft.”
The company says that due to the aircraft's modular design and use of modern digital technology, technical changes can be made in the shortest possible timeframe. 
Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov also said that foreign customers showed interest in the fighter. In a statement, Russian engineers had adjusted the aircraft's layout, controls and weapons systems based on their input.
Director of Russia's Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation (FSCTC) Dmitry Shugayev previously said that FSCTC is consulting with several foreign customers regarding cooperation as part of the Checkmate project.

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In July 2023, it was reported that the aircraft was patented by UAC in three versions: single-seat, two-seat combat trainer, and unmanned.


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