Roketsan Shows its Interest in Asia-Pacific with LIMA

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Roketsan Shows its Interest in Asia-Pacific with LIMA
Aiming to increase its cooperation in Asia-Pacific, Roketsan exhibits its products at the LIMA expo. There are ten products at Roketsan’s booth.

Participating in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) hosted by Malaysia, Roketsan will showcase the level it has reached in missile, rocket and ammunition technologies.

Roketsan LIMA MAM-C MAM-L MAM-T TurDef.jpg
The LIMA fair is held on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia, between 23-27 May 2023, and it has critical importance for accessing markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The company, which aims to provide half the income from export items, cooperates with many countries in this region.
Roketsan is participating in LIMA, which was held for the 16th time this year, with its products that stand out in price performance compared to their counterparts worldwide. A significant part of these products finds buyers around the world. Roketsan participates in LIMA with ten products.
These products are MAM-L, MAM-C Smart Micro Munitions, MAM-T munitions, known for their use in Libya, Karabagh and Ukraine, ÇAKIR cruise missiles launched from air and naval platforms, and land systems. The ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, which is the striking force of the Turkish forces, TEBER Guidance Kit that converts general purpose bombs to smart ones to provide high precision, TRLG-230 laser-guided and TRG-300 guided missiles as BORA missile system (model) and Tactical Missile Launch System - KMC (model).

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