Roketsan’s Mete at Firing Tests

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Roketsan’s Mete at Firing Tests
Roketsan’s Mete at Firing Tests
Turkish missile manufacturer, Roketsan’s laser-guided mini-missile system Mete is at firing tests. The missile was fired from a drone. President of Defence Industries Professor Ismail Demir announced the development.

Roketsan has unveiled the mini-missile at International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) 2019. The missile was named Yatağan as a historic Ottoman knife due to similar dimensions. The missile is renamed Mete after a Turkish recurve archer who won the gold medal in the men’s individual event at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. Roketsan exhibited the missile as Mete at IDEF 2021.

Demir wrote, “Roketsan develops Mete. It will be used in UAV, UGA, USVs. Infantry on the battlefield will also fire with grenade launchers. Our METE missile will hit the target with great accuracy like our Olympic Champion Archer Mete Gazoz!”

Roketsan developed the system to be used in urban warfare. The accuracy increases the effectiveness of the combat force against threats. Mete will be guided via laser pointer. The missile provides effective strike power against light structures, unarmoured land vehicles, unprotected targets such as sniper positions and opportunity targets.

Roketsan’s Mete at Firing Tests

The round has a small charge that ejects it before the activation of the small rocket motor. The canard wings deploy and receive the orders from the onboard guidance system based on a laser seeker that receives the laser reflection from the laser designator aimed at the target. The semi-active laser guidance adopted provides a CEP of around one meter, the maximum range of 1,000 meters. Roketsan proposes a rucksack containing four missiles for infantry application. The Mete is developed under company funding.

When the technical specifications between Yatağan and Mete are compared, it is seen that Mete is 200 grams heavier and approximately 10 centimetres longer than the Yatağan concept shared in 2019.

Roketsan’s Mete at Firing Tests

Technical Specifications of Laser-Guided Mini Missile System Mete

Diameter40 mm
Length500 mm

1,2 kg

Guidance methodSemi-Active Laser
Maximum range1000+ m
Accuracy1 m (CEP)
Firing Altitude50 - 500 m
Drone Range3000 m
Warhead types

Natural fragment high explosive warhead /Pre-fragment High explosive warhead

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