Roketsan’s Karaok Near its Delivery

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Roketsan’s Karaok Near its Delivery
Roketsan’s Man-Portable Short-Range Fire-and-Forget Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MANPATS) KARAOK is in the final phase. TurDef learned that the tests were about to be completed. The missile is expected to be delivered to the armed forces before 2022 ends.
Roketsan’s UMTAS and L-UMTAS have an eight km range, and they are launched from air platforms and land systems. The medium-range OMTAS is fired from land vehicles and tripods. The fourth indigenous anti-tank missile, KARAOK, is designed for the use of a single soldier within the framework of the TEK-ER (Single-Soldier) project. The missile has Infrared Seeker (IIR), does not need to be guided, and has a high precision capacity. The missile was designed for urban warfare and to provide dominance against armoured vehicles on the tactical field.Roketsan’s Karaok Near its Delivery Technical Specifications
Diameter125 mm
Weight< 16 kg [Missile + Launching Tube]
Range2,5 km
Warhead TypeArmour Piercing Tandem
Attack ModesDirect Attack / Top Attack
Operation ModesFire-and-Forget

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