ROKETSAN Joins the EDEX’23 Exhibition in Egypt

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ROKETSAN Joins the EDEX’23 Exhibition in Egypt
ROKETSAN is participating in Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX’23) to develop relations with Egypt in the defence sector.

As Turkish-Egyptian relations get back on track, Turkish companies showcase their products in Egypt.

ROKETSAN is exhibiting TRLG-230 laser-guided artillery missile, MAM family of smart munitions, L-UMTAS laser-guided anti-tank missile, OMTAS medium-range anti-tank missile, KARAOK short-range anti-tank missile and ATMACA anti-ship missile.

Roketsan edex turDef.jpeg

EDEX’23, the third of the EDEX exhibitions, hosts more than 400 firms and 30,000 participants. ROKETSAN expects to have talks during the expo for exports of its munition systems.

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