Roketsan Delivers TRG-300 Missiles to TAF

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Roketsan Delivers TRG-300 Missiles to TAF
Roketsan delivered dozens of K+ Surface-to-Surface Missiles to the Turkish Armed Forces. The President of Turkish Defence Industries (SSB), Professor Ismail Demir, announced the development.

Demir said, "We are at the service of the Turkish Army under all conditions with our deterrent power! We delivered dozens of K+ Missiles produced in line with the needs of the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) to the Land Forces Command. Congratulations."

Roketsan Delivers TRG-300 Missiles to TAFTRG-300 Guided Missile provides accurate and effective firepower on high priority targets within the ranges 20 - 120 km. TRG-300 Guided Missile can be launched from Roketsan Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher [MBRL] Weapon System and other platforms with compatible interfaces. TRG-300 Missiles are also currently used by Azerbaijan and Bangladesh.

Block-III Technical Specifications

Diameter300 mm
Weight585 kg
Range30 - 120 km
GuidanceGPS** + GLONASS*** Aided INS**** with Anti Jamming Capability
ControlAerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation System
Propellant TypeComposite Solid
Warhead TypeHE****+ Steel Ball
Warhead Weight105 kg
Warhead Effective Radius≥ 70 m
Fuse TypePoint Detonating and Proximity
Accuracy [CEP]≤ 10 m

***INS Inertial Navigation System

****HE High Explosive

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