RMC Starts the Construction of Finland’s first Pohjanmaa-Corvette

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RMC Starts the Construction of Finland’s first Pohjanmaa-Corvette
Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) began the construction of the first of four Pohjanmaa-class corvettes for the Finnish Navy, which will enter service by 2029.

The Pohjanmaa-class corvettes will be equipped with Saab’s sensor suite and can carry a helicopter and a UAV. Their main armament will include a 57mm main gun, up to 32 ESSM anti-aircraft missiles in a Mk41 system, eight Gabriel V anti-ship missiles, torpedo tubes and two remote-controlled 12.7mm machine guns. They will be able to plant mines.
To evaluate the project’s potential in terms of its technical production capabilities, RMC has built a prototype of the vessel. This has been done to ensure that the investments are suitable for the production of military vessels, to confirm the accuracy of the dimensional and form specifications, to verify the practices that have been planned, and to test various technical solutions for various appliances and materials.
The corvettes will be 114 meters long, displace around 3,900 tonnes and have a maximum speed of over 26 knots. They will have a crew of 70 and can accommodate up to 50 passengers. Their size fits a frigate, although the Finns classify them as corvettes. 

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