PrSM Missile Completes First Production Qualification Test

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PrSM Missile Completes First Production Qualification Test
The US Army’s new short-range ballistic missile, PrSM, has completed the Production Qualification Test 1 flight.

The test was conducted to qualify features such as a guidance system, a near-vertical approach to the target, and an airburst. PrSM will replace MGM-140 ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles used in HIMARS and M270 MLRS in the US Army service. The UK is also considering the PrSM as a new missile for its M270 MLRS.
PrSM offers increased range, precision, and carriage capacity over the older ATACMS. The baseline version is stated to have a range of 500 km (Versus 300 km of ATACMS)  despite having a sleeker profile. Two PrSM missiles can be carried per HIMARS, while only one ATACMS can be carried on the same vehicle. 
Lockheed Martin has placed features such as terminal guidance and ramjet propulsion on the roadmap for PrSM. A static test for the ramjet engine being developed for the missile was conducted in May 2022.

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