Patriot Receives Minimal Damage from Kinzhal’s Attack

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Patriot Receives Minimal Damage from Kinzhal’s Attack
Russia’s targeting of the Patriot caused minimal degree damage to the Patriot Air Defence system. The battery does not need to return for overhaul.

Russian hypersonic missile Kinzhal and US-made Patriot Air Defence System were on a “duel” recently. Kinzhal targeted the Patriot system on May 16th, and the Patriots tried to intercept the aggressor. Russia claimed to have destroyed the battery during the missile attack. Neither of them was successful entirely, according to reports. The Patriot system failed to intercept the hypersonic missile while the Russian missile was far from destroying the Patriot system, which is still operational.
According to an American official speaking to CNN, US officials inspected the battery but found the system undamaged. Furthermore, they stated there was no reason to remove it from the battlefield for repairs.

Kh-47 kinzhal Hypersonic missile TurDef.webp
The structure of the Patriot system brings some advantages for it, as a single Kinzhal hypersonic missile would be insufficient to destroy a Patriot battery due to its distributed design. A battery comprises six components: a battery control station, a radar set, a high-frequency antenna mast, missiles, missile launchers and power generator units.
Kyiv claims to have successfully intercepted six Kinzhal, nine Kalibr cruise missiles, three ballistic missiles of various types, six Shahid suicide drones and three reconnaissance drones across Ukrainian airspace in that period.
Ukraine received two Patriot batteries from the United States and Germany in late April.

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