Pakistan to Contribute to Turkish UAVs

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Pakistan to Contribute to Turkish UAVs
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The Turkish Aerospace and Pakistan’s National Engineering and Science Commission (NESCOM) signed the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” contract. The contract will specifically ensure the development of ANKA unmanned aerial vehicles.

Turkey and Pakistan are aiming to increase cooperation. ANKA components will be produced and developed in Pakistan. TUSAŞ and NESCOM; will be jointly responsible for employment, resource and technology transfer.

Pakistan to Contribute to Turkish UAVs

TUSAŞ General Manager Professor Temel Kotil explained, “The contract we signed with Pakistan will significantly improve the UAV industry. Especially this acquisition we made with Pakistan’s National Engineering and Science Commission will strengthen our UAVs. We will also implement the human resources cooperation we have made in the past years in this contract. Besides; We will develop production and especially technological developments together.”

Compared to the current ANKA and the ANKA foresaw, there are some changes in the characteristics of the ANKA UAV. It will fly faster but at a lower altitude. It will have the same payload capacity but lighter as MTOW will be almost 100 kg less.

The table allows you to compare current and future ANKAs.

ANKA Technical Specifications

Current ANKAANKA in Future
Length8.6 m29.5 ft. (8.9 m)
Wing Span17.5 m52 ft. (15.84 m)
Height3.25 m10.3 ft. (3.13m)
Endurance24 HoursNot Set
Service Ceiling30.000 ft25.000 ft
Payload Capacity350+ kg770 lb (350 kg)
MTOW1,700 kg3520 lb (1596 kg)

Power Plant

155 hp

200 hp
Cruise Speed124 Kn130 Kn
Top Speed135 KnNot Set


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