OSINT Catches Russian GPS Jam from Kaliningrad Enclave

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OSINT Catches Russian GPS Jam from Kaliningrad Enclave
Russia appears to have been testing an electronic warfare device for several months from the Kaliningrad enclave.

According to several OSINT research studies, a strange phenomenon has occurred in northern Europe's airspace. In a large radius encircling the Baltic Sea, several problems linked to the loss of GPS signals have been reported during commercial flights, notably over Poland. These repeated incidents quickly attracted the attention of investigators and journalists, looking into the source of these disturbances—the elements collected point to using a massive jammer used by Russia from Central Europe. French Website air-cosmos.com prepared an exclusive report about the jamming.
The OSINT account on Twitter @auonsson reported losses of GPS signals by commercial flights between Gdansk and Warsaw, northern Poland. These incidents are repeated. The maps indicate the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad as a source of jamming. 
According to experts, the objective is to destabilise the Starlink network in Ukraine, which armed troops are using to repel the Russian invasion.


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