North Korea's 150 Fighters Might be Duplicated

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North Korea's 150 Fighters Might be Duplicated
The Kim Jong Un regime is suspected of manipulating photos of fighter jet exercises for recent propaganda to show the country's air force stronger.

The massive drill, which involved 150 North Korean fighter jets flying simultaneously for the first time in their history, took place between October 6 and 8, according to Pyongyang, with images released shortly after showing many planes manoeuvring while Kim himself watched.

 Thorsten Beck, a photo analysis expert at Berlin's HEADT Centre research institute, says the images appear to have been digitally altered, with individual planes or entire plane formations copied and pasted to give the impression of a much larger display than it is.

Dr Beck stated that he examined the images and discovered several differences, then ran them thru software designed to take cloned pictures and found that the computer identified many of the same issues.

'While it does not appear amateurish, the composition, purpose, and nature of the manipulation speak a different language... They appear too good to be true, creating an amusing effect in some photographs.'

North Korea

Dr Beck shared a photo depicting 30 warplanes from above. All the planes appear to be the same size even though they are supposed to be flying at different heights and distances from the camera - implying that they shouldn't be the same size - which is one of the visual clues to the manipulation.

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