North Korea Produces KN-24 Ballistic Missiles

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North Korea Produces KN-24 Ballistic Missiles
The North Korean Central News Agency showed a locally produced KN-24 short-range ballistic missile mounted on a heavy-duty armoured truck chassis.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reviewed this missile production's development during his visit to the KN-24 production facility. Kim Jong-un emphasized the importance of this ballistic missile system and urged its continued production amidst the severe military situation.

North Korea is actively involved in supplying ballistic missiles and missile launchers to Russia, which are currently reported to have been used in the war in Ukraine.

This surface-to-surface missile is designed for tactical use and uses a mobile launcher, increasing its mobility and deployment capabilities. 

The shooting range is between 410-480 km. The missile launches at a maximum speed of Mach 5. The KN-24 is equipped with a warhead weighing 400-500 kg.

One of the main features of the KN-24 missile is its manoeuvrability in flight, allowing it to fly on a non-parabolic trajectory as a self-defence precaution against CIWS.

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