North Korea Launches a Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

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North Korea Launches a Medium-Range Ballistic Missile
North Korea launched a ballistic missile, and according to the Japanese Coast Guard, the missile likely fell outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

According to NHK News, Japanese patrol ships started to search operations to reach missile debris. Yonhap news agency reported that the ballistic missile is believed to be a medium-range missile, citing the Republic of Korea military sources.

“Today at approximately 14:55, one estimated medium-range ballistic missile was launched from the Pyongyang area towards the Sea of ​​Japan,” the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the ROK said. The agency indicates that this class includes missiles ranging from 3 thousand to 5.5 thousand km. The ROK exchanges information with the United States and Japan and maintains combat readiness.

Earlier, the agency reported that North Korea launched a ballistic missile for the first time this year. Before this, Seoul reported the launch of a ballistic missile of an unidentified type.

Japan has recently sent a spy satellite to orbit to watch North Korean missile activities. 

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