MKE Produces Meko’s 127 mm Barrel

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MKE Produces Meko’s 127 mm Barrel
The Court of Accounts (Sayıştay) completed its first report within the scope of its 2021 audit on MKE Inc, which was incorporated last year. The report submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) revealed that the company produces a 127 mm naval gun barrel.

Heavy Weapons Factory of MKE, based in Kırıkkale, provides solutions in line with the large-calibre weapon requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. The factory produces three different mortar systems in different calibres and 11 types of barrels in various diameters. 105 mm main gun of the M60 family of tanks’, 120 mm 44-calibre Weapon System and 120 mm 55-calibre main gun of Altay main battle tank of them.

MKE Produces Meko’s 127 mm Barrel

According to the Court of Accounts report, the “127 mm Naval Gun Barrel” is also “produced in the factory facilities with competent personnel and high technology.”

Thus, it was understood that MKE A.Ş. produced barrels for naval guns used in the Turkish Navy’s MEKO 200 platforms. Two subclasses based on German MEKO design, Yavuz and Barbaros class frigates, are in the inventory of the Turkish Navy. BAE Systems in the USA and OTO Melara in Italy usually manufacture these barrels. It can be assumed that MKE Inc. might produce the TF-2000 air defence destroyer’s main gun.

MKE President and CEO Yasin Akdere had previously told journalists at SAHA EXPO 2021 that they want to develop a 127 mm Naval Gun domestically.

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