MKE; First Export with The New Name

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MKE; First Export with The New Name
The Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution is transformed to Mechanical and Chemical Industry Incorporated Company. The new company will export its capacity to Jordan.

The MKE company operates in the arms, ammunition, rocket-explosive and chemical, machinery and materials group in the defence industry. The MKE commissioned the cartridge line, which was established with domestic and national resources in May 2020, at the Gazi Fişek Factory to meet the needs of the security forces. Jordan wanted to have a similar production line.

A contract for the "Cartridge Shooting-Assembly & Bullet and Case Production Lines Supply and Installation Project" was signed between MKE AŞ and Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) to install a similar line.

With the production line to be established within the project's scope, a significant production capacity of cases will be reached to be presented to the Jordanian security forces. With the line, annual production of 30 million cases (5.56mmx45, 7.62mmx51, 7.62mmx39 and 9mmx19), annual production of 30 million cases (7.62mmx51 M80, 5.56mmx45 SS109/M193, 7.62mmx39 M67, 9 mmx19), 20 million spelling/assembly per year (7.62mmx51 M80 Cartridge, 7.62mmx39 M67 Cartridge, 5.56mmx45 SS109/M193) will be held.

The works covering the provision of necessary equipment for production and production/assembly capacities, establishment of production lines, technology transfer, technical assistance, information package documentation and training, and 3-month pilot production under the supervision of MKE AŞ will be completed in 103 weeks.

All benches to be installed under the contract will be domestic production.

MKE AŞ aims to increase its competitiveness and become a global player in the defence industry after becoming a joint-stock company.

Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) was established in 1999, by a royal decree, as an independent government entity affiliated with the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF).

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