Meteksan Exhibits Retinar AESA Radar

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Meteksan Exhibits Retinar AESA Radar
Meteksan presents Retinar AESA, the new Retinar Ground Surveillance Radars Product Family member for the first time at IDEF.

Retinar AESA has a new generation of active electronic scanning and MIMO structure. It has 90 x 90-degree coverage with a single radar panel and can be Hemispherical (90 x 360 degrees) coverage using four radar panels.

MEteksan Retinar aesa- Turdef 981X468.jpg
With an expanded target set, it can detect air and ground targets simultaneously at long ranges. It can classify low-speed items for UAV detection.
It can detect and track not only mini/micro UAVs (drones) but also Kamikaze UAVs and Tactical UAVs.  
The radar has low energy consumption. It can be used for stationary protection of critical facilities and borders and on moving vehicles with vehicle integration. 

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