Malaysia Increases Infantry Firepower

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Malaysia Increases Infantry Firepower
Malaysia continues to make infantry firepower investments. The country showcases its new mobile weapons.

Malaysian Army has taken delivery of new support weapons and trucks. It is noteworthy that the systems were focused on asymmetric warfare. Malaysia received 72 Expal 81 mm mortar with an associated Talos fire control system. Equipment is planned to integrate on the Cendana Auto mortar truck. The new package includes 27 40 mm Multiple Grenade Launchers and 150 RPG-7 launchers. These weapons are procured from a Serbia-based company, Namenska. Army has also taken delivery of 98 assault boats with propulsion systems.

Malaysian Army is aiming to modernize its mobile firepower with these acquisitions. TDM is moving towards off-the-shelf based models for their general purpose vehicles leveraging on the commercial vehicle sector to help lower the cost of acquisition, spares and service.

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