JSF is The Key to Draw Attention

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JSF is The Key to Draw Attention
General Richard Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff and member of the House of Lords, criticized the British Ministry of Defence heavily.

General Danatt wrote a comment in the Daily Telegraph. The article is published on March 12th. Danattt underlined the financial problems that occur in many defence-related areas. He noted new developments about RAF Tempest fighter aircraft, type 32 frigates and new generations of drones. He said, “Set against the ambition for the future is the reality that everything desired cannot be afforded.” He also mentioned the problems of F-35 aircraft.

The two-page long intellectual article did not draw the required attention, and Dannatt spoke to the Mirror tabloid the day after. THe said, “The Russians are laughing at us, the Americans shake their heads” about the country’s combat readiness. He continued ad “the Ministry of Defence is being bankrupted by the RAF’s F-35B stealth fighters – £80million each and costing up to £90,000 an hour to run.

The costs are now so high that even the US air force is beginning to look for a cheaper combat jet.”

As F-35 is a confusing problem, his words appeared everywhere.

JSF is The Key to Draw Attention

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