Japan to Acquire 400 Tomahawk Missiles from the U.S.

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Japan to Acquire 400 Tomahawk Missiles from the U.S.
Japanese MoD signed a $1.7 billion deal with the U.S. to acquire 400 Tomahawk cruise missiles for AEGIS-equipped destroyers.

Japan will fit its AEGIS combat system-fitted destroyers, Kongo, Atago, Maya classes, and future ASEV destroyers with the U.S.-made Tomahawk cruise missiles.
The U.S. State Department approved the sale of 400 Tomahawk cruise missiles in November 2023, with an estimated total cost of $2.35 billion. The finalised deal’s cost is significantly lower than what was stated by the DSCA statement.

Japan will acquire the missiles in both Block IV and Block V configurations. Block IV is more suited for land-attack missions; meanwhile, Block V’s sensor package allows for better engagement performance against moving targets on sea and land.
The U.S. State Department previously approved the sale of AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder and AIM-120C-8 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles to Japan. AIM-120C-8 sale includes 120 missiles, while the AIM-9X Block II sale includes 44 missiles. Japan’s f-15J and F-35A fighter jets use U.S.-made air-to-air missiles, while the locally developed F-2 fighter jets use Japan’s indigenous ones.
Japan has also embarked on the development of its long-range cruise missiles following the rise of tensions in the Pacific. Following the Chinese Navy’s expansion with new large-scale surface platforms pumped out, Japan has increased its investment in offensive weaponry for better deterrence. The country is also one of the partner nations of the GCAP next-generation fighter jet programme.

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