Japan Set to Export “Patriot” to U.S.

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Japan Set to Export “Patriot” to U.S.
Japan has loosened its arms export rules to deliver locally manufactured missiles and artillery to countries like the United States.

This critical policy shift will allow Japan to ship Patriot air defence missiles to the United States.

The new regulations continue to prohibit Japan from supplying weapons to nations at war, but they will allow the U.S. to provide Ukraine with more significant military aid in its struggle against Russia.

Except for those actively engaging in an armed conflict, such as Ukraine and Israel, Japan will also enable recipient countries to transfer equipment to a third country with prior approval. While Washington could not provide Japanese-made Patriot missiles directly to Kyiv, it would offer Ukraine more leeway in continuing to sell U.S.-made armaments.

Japan’s National Security Council approved the shipment of Patriot missiles to the United States earlier this year as a first step. Washington asked for shipments because its supplies were running low. Washington will be able to continue providing Ukraine and other countries by replenishing U.S. inventories with Japanese-made Patriot missiles.


Following NATO’s requests, Japan will consider sanctioning the transfer of Japanese-made Patriot missiles to a third country by the U.S. It will make its final decision next year and devise a timetable based on the specific interests of the U.S. and other stakeholders.

The missiles might be delivered to nations such as Poland, which borders Ukraine and has strengthened its arsenal in response to the Ukrainian conflict, as have many other European countries. In light of the growing security challenges in East Asia, Japan intends to boost its security contributions and strengthen collaboration with the U.S. and NATO.

Patriot missiles were developed by Lockheed Martin and RTX, previously Raytheon Technologies, both based in the United States. In Japan, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries manufactures these missiles under licence.

Japan’s action will boost Ukraine’s hand. In fact, German Patriot missiles delivered to Ukraine today knocked down three Russian Su-34 jets.


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