JAGUAR: UK and Japan to Cooperate on Fighter Jet Sensor

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JAGUAR: UK and Japan to Cooperate on Fighter Jet Sensor
The UK and Japan have signed a Letter of Arrangement (LoA) to jointly conduct cooperative research on a world-leading fighter jet sensor to sensor technology to detect lethal threats British Minister for Defence Procurement announced.

The universal radio frequency sensor technology, known as “JAGUAR”, could enable the Armed Forces to better detect future threats from air, land and sea, quickly and accurately locating targets and denying surveillance technology operated by adversary forces. With joint work on the project scheduled to start in April.

Designing, building and evaluating the JAGUAR system will take around five years, involving input from Leonardo UK and the Japanese industry. Two demonstrators will be built within the project, one in each country. The work and learning will be shared to maximise national expertise.

This collaborative research follows the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between the United Kingdom and Japan in December of last year, allowing both countries to develop joint innovations. As part of their collaboration, the two countries revealed in December that they intend to construct a future fighter jet engine demonstration.

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