Iranian Navy Receives Talaeiyeh Cruise Missiles

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Iranian Navy Receives Talaeiyeh Cruise Missiles
Iranian Navy has taken delivery of land-based Talaeiyeh cruise missiles for coastal defence and land attack missions.

Iranian officials claimed that the Talaeiyeh cruise missile can reach a range of 1000 km and change targets mid-flight.
The image released by Iran shows a missile similar to the Russian-made Kh-65 cruise missile, powered by a jet engine under the body instead of on the back. Hoot (Whale) supercavitation torpedo is similar to the Russian-made VA-111 Shkval torpedo, which is another example of parallels between some Russian and Iranian military hardware.
Talaeiyeh is launched from a modified civilian truck with a containerised launcher unit holding two missiles. Iran’s previous anti-ship missile, Ghader, based on the Chinese C-802 missile, was also fitted on a truck of civilian origin. The country is known to frequently use civilian trucks to launch cruise missiles, air defence missiles (Khordad 15), and kamikaze UAVs (Shaheed-136).

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