Iran’s Simorgh Turboprop Aircraft Performs Maiden Flight

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Iran’s Simorgh Turboprop Aircraft Performs Maiden Flight
Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (HESA) Simorgh utility turboprop aircraft performed its maiden flight on May 30, IRNA News Agency reported.

The first test flight took place at an air base in Isfahan, central Iran, and was attended by Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces. The Iranian government revealed Simorgh a year ago following the release of his photograph. The aircraft is projected to play an essential role in cargo transport and battlefield support for the armed services. The aeroplane is built with materials and technology developed in the United States. Simorgh was designed for minimal weight with a big cargo capacity.

Previously, Iran debuted a new domestically manufactured Simorgh transport aircraft on May 19, 2022.
According to information presented by Presstv, Simorgh is powered by two TV3-117 turboprop engines, each with a six-blade propeller. This aircraft can fly and land on short runways (STOL) and has a ferry flight range of 3,700 km or 900 km with a maximum cargo load of six tonnes.

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