India - Saudi Arabia Hold First Joint Military Exercise.

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India - Saudi Arabia Hold First Joint Military Exercise.
Saudi Arabia and India hold the first joint 12-day military exercise, called "Sada Tanseeq," at the Mahajan Firing Range in the Bikaner until February 10.

The Royal Saudi Land Forces and Indian Battalion from the Brigade of the Guards are both represented by 45 personnel. 

The exercise aims to allow both sides to exchange practices regarding the strategies, methods, and procedures for carrying out operations in sub-conventional domains. Additionally, the exercise is intended to prepare the soldiers for cooperative operations in semi-desert environments.

As part of the exercise, participants will carry out activities such as building a mobile vehicle checkpoint, carrying out a cordon and search operation, practising house intervention exercises, practising reflex shooting, slithering, and sniper firing. Officials have stated that the exercise will allow both groups to strengthen their relationship with one another.

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