HAVELSAN Develops Troubleshooting Simulator for F-16

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HAVELSAN Develops Troubleshooting Simulator for F-16
HAVELSAN and Turkish Air Force develop Troubleshooting Training Simulator for F-16 aircraft.

HAVELSAN announced that it has developed the F-16 Troubleshooting Training Simulator to keep F-16s increase operational readiness rate.

According to the information obtained from Anadolu Agency, HAVELSAN Simulation Autonomous and Platform Management Technologies Vice Presidency developed the F-16 troubleshooting simulator.

In the first phase of the project, complete mission simulators and tactical weapon trainers were delivered for combat training of pilots. Six mission simulators and 20 weapon tactical trainers were delivered to six main jet base commands in this context.

HAVELSAN Develops Troubleshooting Simulator for F-16

In the second phase of the project, training solutions for aircraft maintenance technicians were developed. The training simulator is required to detect the malfunctions of the aircraft as soon as possible. A solution should be provided at once. The serviceman should be trained for this purpose.

A training device was provided to detect the malfunction in the plane as soon as possible and correct it. When the pilot encounters a malfunction during the flight, he delivers the plane to the aircraft maintenance technicians with the malfunction's preliminary information. From then on, aircraft maintenance technicians are expected to identify the malfunction's cause as soon as possible. The Troubleshooting Training Simulator was developed for this purpose.

HAVELSAN realized this simulator with aircraft maintenance training teachers working at the F-16 Technical Training Centre at the Mürted Airfield Command. The simulator can imitate a thousand faults.

HAVELSAN Develops Troubleshooting Simulator for F-16

Within the simulator framework, the aircraft maintenance technician sits in the cockpit just like in the real environment, performs some tests in the cockpit, makes some predictions about the origin of the fault based on the results he sees on the screens and the signs he receives. It then reviews the F-16 technical orders, making its first determination of the origin of the failure. The simulator is planned to be delivered to the Air Force Command by the end of this year.

The simulator has been developed entirely with local and national resources. HAVELSAN plans to deliver the simulator to the Turkish Air Force and export it to other F-16 users worldwide. HAVELSAN also reviewed other maintenance trainers in the world market and saw no troubleshooting training simulator prepared in this depth and detail. Therefore, the company is currently in contact with the aircraft manufacturer. It is considering that this troubleshooting training simulator can be delivered to the countries where the aircraft is sold through them.

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