France Invests $ 13.3 Billion on FCAS and Rafale Until 2035

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France Invests $ 13.3 Billion on FCAS and Rafale Until 2035
According to La Tribune, France is investing a total of € 13.3 billion in the development of the Future Air Combat System (FCAS) and Rafale until 2035.

The daily states that France has allocated € 1.36 billion to FCAS, including its aircraft, drones, and weapons. The Ministry of Armed Forces plans to spend an additional € 300 million by 2026, bringing it to €1.65 billion. The daily adds the FCAS phase 1B contract, which is worth more than € 3 billion, and it continues to invest in Rafale on the other hand while waiting for the implementation of the FCAS program after 2035.

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There is € 6.4 billion, including € 128 million for the nEUROn UCAV recently cleared under the military program law 2024-2030, for the period 2023-2026. The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has also budgeted a payment credit of €5.36 billion after 2026.
France will also finance the development of the Rafale F4 (€2.27 billion), with its 4.2 standard qualification delayed by one year in 2025. The Ministry of Armed Forces started strengthening the Rafale F5 program at the budget level in 2024.
The ministry is currently negotiating with Dassault Aviation regarding a new Rafale order for the French Air Force, which will be announced at the end of this year for approximately 42 units. Dassault will divide and redistribute the budget to the 400 companies working on this critical program, including Thales and Safran, wrote La Tribune.

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