France Delivers M270 LRU MLRS to Ukraine

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France Delivers M270 LRU MLRS to Ukraine
French MoD announced the M270 LRU MLRS delivery to Ukraine actively using other system variants.

Ukraine is actively using HIMARS and, lately, M270 MLRS systems in the war against Russian ground units. The U.K. has supplied the country with M270 MLRS in the past, and France has recently joined the club of M270 suppliers with the delivery of M270 LRU MLRS.

M270 LRU is a French derivative of the U.S.-made M270 tracked MLRS, an alternative launcher to wheeled HIMARS. Changes made by France include new fire control and communication systems. The platform remains the same, just like with other derivatives of M270, such as the German MARS-I/II.

LRU carries two pods instead of HIMARS’ one pod per vehicle. 227 mm M31 GPS-guided artillery rockets can be used from the launcher.

France’s other notable fire support weaponry aids to Ukraine include CAESAR 155 mm self-propelled artillery and AMX-10RC 6x6 armoured vehicles utilizing 105 mm guns.

Delivery of medium to long-range artillery systems such as HIMARS and M270 to Ukraine allows Ukraine to strike the enemy structures and emplacements behind the frontlines. The recent delivery of MGM-140 ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles has added to said capability, covering military instalments and facilities in Russia.

The delivery of munitions covering hundreds of kilometres like ATACMS, Storm Shadow and SCALP EG caused concerns over further escalations.


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