FNSS to Unveil its platform PARS ALPHA at WDS

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FNSS to Unveil its platform PARS ALPHA at WDS
At the World Defence Show in Saudi Arabia, FNSS will present its New Generation 8x8 Vehicle, PARS ALPHA.

The company has released a press bulletin about its new product and said, it will reveal its PARS ALPHA New Generation 8x8 Vehicle on the first day of the World Defence Show. The Company will also present the M113A4 vehicles modernised by FNSS at KSA with local production for the Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF).

FNSS  M113A4.jpg

The company underlined that FNSS has maintained its presence in the region for the last two decades, offering Integrated Logistics Support services. FNSS has operated the Automotive and Upgrade Centre (AUC) of the Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) for nearly 15 years, embarking on a modernisation endeavour targeting the M113A4 Armoured Personnel Carriers. With more than 1000 M113A4 vehicles enhanced to date under FNSS's stewardship and backing of local talent. The JV also delivered a fleet of advanced Armoured Command Post Vehicles, based on the FNSS ACV-19 platform.

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