Field Expo opens its doors

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Field Expo opens its doors
SAHA EXPO, which will bring together the defence industry giants at the Istanbul Expo Centre between 10-13 November, will open its doors today. The fair will turn into a virtual fair on November 15.

The Ministry of National Defence supports the fair, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and Presidency of Defence Industries. It will take place in an area of ​​40 thousand square meters with more than 600 companies from 30 countries.

Companies like ASELSAN, BAYKAR, TUSAŞ, TEI, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN, BMC, STM, KALE GROUP, FNSS, TAIS, PRATT & WHITNEY, DOWAKSA, UKRSPECEXPORT, IVCHENKO-PROGRESS and MOTOR SICH will take part in the fair. Unmanned armed and unarmed aerial vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, armoured vehicles, weapons, rockets and ammunition manufacturing, submarines and warships production, tanks and equipment, communication devices and equipment, cyber security, software and hardware development, many of the latest technologies in the defence, aviation and space sectors will take part at the expo.

TurDef will follow the expo for you.

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