Fastest Cargo Aircraft Ever: F-15E

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Fastest Cargo Aircraft Ever: F-15E
The US Air Force has added a new mission to a fighter aircraft. The F-15 Strike Fighter carried its own or another aircraft bomb on board.

The 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron successfully flew an F-15E Strike Eagle carrying six JDAMs on a single side of the aircraft on Feb 22, 2021, showcasing proof of concept for Agile Combat Employment, known as “ACE. Strike Eagle has proven capable of carrying 15 JDAMs on a single sortie

“Currently, the F-15E is authorized to carry a max of nine JDAMs, but the success of this test expands that to 15 JDAMs,” said Maj. Andrew Swanson, F-15E Weapons System Officer, 85th TES.

“Strike Eagle can now carry enough JDAMs for an active combat mission, land at a remote location, and reload itself and/or another aircraft – such as an F-35 or F-22 – for additional combat sorties,” said Lt. Col. Jacob Lindaman, commander, 85th TES.

The combat tactic of reloading in a remote location previously took two C-130s to carry the necessary munitions and personnel.Once at the location, the JDAMs had to be assembled, taking extra time.The additional carriage on the F-15E allows fully assembled JDAMs to be transported, reducing the requirement to just one C-130 and saving eliminating onsite bomb building.

Fastest Cargo Aircraft Ever: F-15E

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