Ethiopia Continues Cooperation With Somaliland

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Ethiopia Continues Cooperation With Somaliland
Somaliland’s personnel participated in Ethiopian Diplomatic Week despite Somalia’s warning to Ethiopia about cooperation with Somaliland.

As new conflicts are starting in the Middle East and Africa, another one between Somalia and Ethiopia might be the next with the increasing tensions between the two countries on the subject of Somaliland.

Ethiopia is attempting to have Somaliland, which wants to self-claim independence from Somalia in a unilateral decision, provide access to the sea. Ethiopia lost its access to the sea after Eritrea declared its independence.

For this purpose, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland, where Ethiopia would gain access to the ports in Somaliland and recognise Somaliland as an ‘independent state’.

The Somalian Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre rejected this and warned that Somalia would use military force if Ethiopia kept intervening in Somalian territories. Shortly after the warning, Ethiopian TV channel Fana released footage of the Ethiopian Air Force’s AKINCI UCAVs and Su-27UB twin-seater fighter jets.

The UCAVs were sold before the starting point of the tensions, and Turkiye has declared that it supports Somalia’s territorial integrity.

Somaliland “military” personnel’s participation in the diplomatic day despite Somalia’s clear warning underlines that the tension will continue to arise. 

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