Estonia to Protect its Waters with Blue Spear AShM

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Estonia to Protect its Waters with Blue Spear AShM
Estonia will use land-based Blue Spear, jointly developed from the Gabriel anti-ship missile by Israel and Singapore, to protect its waters.

According to Naval News, the Estonian authorities confirmed that the missile had reached Initial Operational Capability (IOC). Estonia will use the missiles from land platforms as it does not possess a platform supporting the missile.
Blue Spear is a development of Gabriel anti-ship missile from Proteus, a joint venture between Israel and Singapore. The missile will be used by the Singaporean Formidable-class frigates.
The missile has GPS+INS guidance with a terminal RF seeker and covers a range of 290 km. In addition to its intended role as an anti-ship missile, Blue Spear can be used against land targets with GPS targeting.

blue spear  5g SSM.jpeg
Estonia’s procurement of the missiles is part of a strategy, as shown by the officials, to limit Russia’s access to the Baltic Sea. Combined with naval mines, the missile is envisioned as a maritime deterrent to Russia in the region.
Land-based anti-ship missiles have been among the weapon systems to get a spotlight during the Russo-Ukrainian War, where Ukraine managed to sink the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Moskva cruiser, using locally developed Neptune anti-ship missiles.

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