Egypt Unveils Raad 200, MLRS at EDEX

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Egypt Unveils Raad 200, MLRS at EDEX
Egypt unveiled a Multiple Rocket Launcher SystemMLRS named Raad 200 at EDEX 2023, an international defence exhibition in Cairo.

The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production launched a domestically made Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MLRS). The Raad 200 uses 65 per cent of its components sourced domestically. This is an upgraded version of the ageing ATS-59G. The standard configuration involves two pods, each with 15 122 mm tube launchers. The Raad may fire standard 122 mm High Explosive (HE) rocket shells, including BRE1 122 mm HE rocket shells, with a maximum firing range of up to 40 km.

raad 200 TurDef.jpg

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