EDGE Group Exhibits UAVs in Dubai Airshow 2023

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Photo Credit: Tim Robinson
Photo Credit: Tim Robinson
EDGE Group of UAE put its new and existing UAV and munition designs on exhibition at Dubai Airshow 2023.

EDGE Group has added new designs to its UCAV portfolio, previously consisting of REACH-S and the jet-powered JEINAH. The new configurations are REACH-M, a larger version of REACH-S, and SINYAR jet-powered UCAV.
REACH-M can be considered a counterpart to UCAVs like MALE Class MQ-1 and ANKA, whereas REACH-S is regarded as a counterpart to platforms like tactical UAV Bayraktar TB2. REACH-M has an MTOW of 1500 kg and a payload capacity of 350 kg. For comparison, REACH-S has an MTOW of 600 kg and a payload capacity of 120 kg. The hardpoint count has also been increased with an extra centre hardpoint for heavier munitions.

SINYAR can be traced back to EDGE Group’s acquisition of stakes from Polish FLARIS, known for having designed LAR01 VLJ-class (Very Light Jet) aircraft. Even though SINYAR has a high degree of structural and propulsion commonality with LAR01, it is to be fitted with an autonomy kit for unmanned use. SINYAR, taking advantage of the jet engine, will be able to fly at 545 km/h speed and 30000 ft altitude and carry a payload of 450 kg.

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