DIA President Demir visited Sarsılmaz Facilities

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DIA President Demir visited Sarsılmaz Facilities
Sarsılmaz produces the land version of the 12.7 machine gun and the naval and air versions. President of the Defence Industry Agency (DIA), Professor İsmail Demir, visited the Düzce facilities of the company and introduced Sarsılmaz’s work.

Sarsılmaz, involved in designing and producing Pistols, Infantry Rifles and Machine Guns in the arms industry, undertook the project of preparing Turkiye’s 12.7 mm Machine Gun Design Data Package and making the weapon.

Sarsılmaz, the sole contractor of this R&D and development project, introduces the 12.7x99 mm machine gun, a DIA project, to be used on all land platforms and a machine gun designed to reduce the weight of the weapon and shoot at high speed.

The air version of the gun will be used under the wing of HÜRKUŞ-C aircraft produced by TUSAŞ and in a pod on helicopters. The naval version with corrosion resistance will be put into service on naval platforms as soon as possible.

Evaluating the visit, DIA President İsmail Demir said, “We are witnessing that various manufacturers produce a wide variety of rifles and weapons from a country that did not even have an infantry rifle seven years ago. Today, we have tested the onboard version of the 12.7mm gun made by the Sarsılmaz company here, and we have fired. Our companies are working on its use in various environments. Another model of this is used in land vehicles and aircraft, and models used in naval platforms are under development.

Just as our pistols have become a brand in the world, we see that our rifles and rifles of various calibres are now on their way to becoming a world brand. Because at the moment, work continues to meet almost every need of our armed forces and security forces. Guns are being produced towards higher calibres. For example. Later on, we will gradually see products in 20mm-25mm-30mm calibres.”

Stating that they were happy about the visit of DIA President İsmail Demir and the accompanying delegation to the Sarsılmaz facilities, Aliş said:

“In our 100 thousand square meter factory in Düzce, We are among the leading manufacturers of the world with our products that can produce all kinds of weapons that can meet all the needs of a military unit. We export to more than 80 countries, and our products are also used by the armed forces and law enforcement forces of 23 countries. We provide employment opportunities for over 2,000 people, 10 per cent of whom are engineers. Our company, which continuously develops its product range, is a brand followed worldwide with 42 trademark registrations, 12 unique designs, 13 patents and nine utility models. We have the first and only R&D centre in its field, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. We are working to bring new talents to the sector with the projects we have developed due to our collaborations with Düzce University and other universities. Sarsılmaz Arms Industry Inc. As a group, we aim to increase further our export potential, which exceeds 100 million dollars, in 2022.”

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