Canada Lifts Arms Export Embargo To Turkiye

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Canada Lifts Arms Export Embargo To Turkiye
Canada will restart exporting its defence products to Turkiye, ending the embargo that started due to the Armenia-Azerbaijan War.

According to Reuters, Canada will export its UAV parts to Turkiye under the condition of more transparency on where they are used.
Once Turkiye ratifies Sweden's membership in NATO, Canada restarts its arms trade, which dissatisfies Armanian expectations. 
The Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) has issued a statement condemning the Canadian government’s decision to lift its arms embargo on Turkiye.

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Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Charlotte MacLeod told Reuters, "Canada and Turkiye continue to engage in frank exchanges on our bilateral, economic and commercial relations".
Canada suspended UAV L3Harris/WESCAM electro-optic payload sales to Turkiye in 2020 after concluding its equipment had been used by Azerbaijan while fighting Armenian forces in Nagorno Karabakh, an enclave Baku has since retaken.
Ottawa halted talks on lifting them in 2022 when Ankara objected to Finland and Sweden's NATO bids. But it restarted talks after a NATO leaders summit in July last year. Under the agreement, Ankara would provide Ottawa information on the end-users of Canadian-made equipment, especially if re-exported to non-NATO members.
The "notification process", a standard under the international arms trade, covers Wescam sensors used in Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs and other dual-use goods and arms-related exports.
On Tuesday, Turkiye's Foreign Ministry hosted Canada's associate deputy foreign minister, Cindy Termorshuizen, for talks on "regional and international issues".
On Friday, President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkiye's ratification of Sweden was welcomed by "Canada, Sweden, and all Western countries" and was viewed as a source of strength within NATO.

Permissions for approximately 30 defence export products were revoked.


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