Boeing Markets F-15EX to Saudia Arabia

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Boeing Markets F-15EX to Saudia Arabia
Boeing markets F-15EX Eagle II aircraft to Saudia Arabia while the Kingdom tries to choose between Eurofighter and Rafale.

Saudi Arabia has long waited for Eurofighter aircraft. While the Israeli President Isaac Herzog convinced Germany to halt the arms embargo on the Kingdom, French Rafale and U.S. F-15EX Eagle II entered the stage with the aim of selling 54 aircraft.

During the "WDS 2024" international exhibition, the American Boeing revealed that it is in discussions with Saudi Arabia for the sale of F-15EX Eagle II fighter jets. The Kingdom is accustomed to U.S. aircraft as it has older F-15 aircraft versions in its arsenal. The F-15EX Eagle II is the latest and most advanced version of the well-known fighter aircraft F-15 Eagle, designed and developed by American Boeing. 

The Kingdom also has Eurofighter in its inventory.


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