Belgium to Join Franco-German FCAS Program in 2025

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Belgium to Join Franco-German FCAS Program in 2025
Belgium intends to join the German-French Future Combat Air System (FCAS) program.

In a recent post on LinkedIn, Belgian Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder confirmed Belgium’s involvement in Europe’s FCAS program. “In December 2023, we will sign the Observer Agreement, marking our commitment and a crucial step towards global security and innovation,” She wrote.
Belgium’s formal integration into the FCAS program is scheduled for June 2025.

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The country is estimated to officially enter the group in the second phase, considering its current participation in phase 1B.
Previous reports indicated Belgium’s interest in joining FCAS in June, leading to opposition from French firm Dassault.
Dassault CEO Eric Trappier expressed dissatisfaction with Belgium’s decision to choose the American F-35 fighter over the French Rafale.
The FCAS program envisions creating a comprehensive system including Next Generation Weapon Systems (NGWS) and other airborne assets for the future operational battlespace.
NGWS components will include long-range transport vehicles, swarm drones and new-generation fighter aircraft (NGF), which are considered sixth-generation fighter jets.
This NGF is expected to replace aircraft such as France’s Rafale, Germany’s Typhoon and Spain’s EF-18 Hornet by 2040.
British publication The Times stated in early November that Germany may leave the FCAS and join the U.K.-led programme.

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