Baykar's MIUS to be deployed at TCG ANADOLU

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Baykar's MIUS to be deployed at TCG ANADOLU
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Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar made a statement about the combatant UAV that the company works with, known as MIUS in Turkey. Selçuk Bayraktar shared four renderings about the concept design and made a video release on the subject. The company also shared the text of the video in written form. According to Bayraktar MIUS will ne deployed at TCG Anadolu ship.
Bayraktar said the following in sum: We have been dreaming of our Unmanned Fighter Aircraft (MİUS) project for more than 12 years. With the mass production of AKINCI and the platform’s maturation, our MIUS studies have gained momentum recently. We share the ongoing conceptual designs of this project we have developed.BaykarIt is currently carrying out development studies in this field around the world. It is predicted that unmanned warplanes will change the concept of air combat, just like our UCAVs, and will replace the 5th generation warplanes in the future.Just like Bayraktar TB3, we run our MIUS project entirely with our own resources.MIUS’s cruise speed will be subsonic and close to the speed of sound. The next prototypes will be supersonic. It will have close to 1.5 tons of ammunition and payload capacity. It will be able to carry Air-Air, Air-Ground smart missiles and cruise missiles.BaykarMIUS will carry ammunition at the innerbay to provide a low radar cross-section. It will be able to carry more ammunition invisibility at radar is not at important.MIUAS will be able to take off and land from short-runway ships like TCG Anadolu class. This capacity will be an important power multiplier. We aim for MIUS to take off from TCG Anadolu without the help of a catapult. He will be able to land on the ship with the help of catch cables and hooks.In the design of our aircraft, what distinguishes it from other unmanned warplanes in the world is its vertical tails and horizontal control surfaces, which we call the canard, in the front. Thanks to these control surfaces, it will have aggressive manoeuvrability. Thus, it will autonomously perform avoidance and close combat manoeuvres thanks to the artificial intelligence computers we have developed.BaykarMIUS, with different capabilities, will be able to work together with friendly warplanes thanks to the smart fleet autonomy equipped with artificial intelligence. Thanks to the same smart fleet autonomy capability, MIUS will fight against the last generation manned warplanes with higher capacity. I think it will break new ground in air combat with all the superior aspects of unmanned combat and smart fleet autonomy, and cost-effectiveness.Our goal is to perform the first flight of our MIUS prototype in 2023.Editor’s Note. Since the first mini smart ammunition was used at TB2 UAV, there has been a conceptually ambiguous statement in the company’s declarations. The company generally prefers to call the ammunition a missile or to express that it was fired even though it was released to drop. For this reason, we consulted the company officials for the exact meaning of the “smart missile” terminology. We got the answer that it can be a forward-looking statement. We share the news with the knowledge that there may be confusion in the expression between ammunition and missile.

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