Baykar’s Akıncı to penetrate with SAGE’s NEB

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Baykar’s Akıncı to penetrate with SAGE’s NEB
Baykar’s unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) Akıncı prepares to carry TÜBİTAK Defence Industries Research and Development Institute’s (SAGE) NEB. NEB is a Turkish abbreviation for Penetrator Bomb. The bomb is the first concrete penetrator system developed in Turkey. It is designed to be used against the surface and underground targets. NEB contains Multiple War Head Systems (MWS) technology. It is easy to confuse NEB with MK-84 GPB. Both have similar external geometry, guidance unit interfaces, mass, a centre of gravity and inertia properties. The NEB has seen the underbelly of Akıncı for the first time.

A picture of Akinci S-1 equipped with NEB bombs was shared by Selcuk Bayraktar, Chief Technology Officer of drone maker Baykar.

The Akıncı S-1 has previously been tested equipped with MAM-C, MAM-L and MAM-T munitions. Compared to the other bombs, the NEB weighs around 1 ton, and it can penetrate to a Minimum of 2.1 m 35 MPa reinforced concrete. NEB can be used with High Precision Guidance Kit (Turkish abb. HGK) and GBU -10E/B Laser Guidance Kit and has the potential to be used with all guidance kits which are compatible with MK-84 (2000 lb) GPB.

Baykar’s Akıncı to penetrate with SAGE’s NEB

The bomb has high penetration performance even at low impact velocities and angles. It provides a high fragmentation effect against secondary surface targets with pre-formed fragments utilized in Augmenting Charge design. It is equipped with programmable fuze to provide delay times. It can be used against various target types. It can be used with all guidance kits that are compatible with MK-84 (2000 lb) GPB. As a result, it can be dropped from all aircraft that can carry MK-84 (2000 lb) GPB.

Baykar’s Akıncı to penetrate with SAGE’s NEB

Technical Features of NEB

Length2600 mm
Maximum Diameter457,2 mm
Weight870 kg
Types of Explosives

Augmenting Charge: PBX 110

Follow Through Bomb: PBX109


Augmenting Charge: ONUR-1 MOD4

Follow Through Bomb: FMU-152 a/b

3” hard target fuzes

Typical Targets

Buried Hard Targets

Munitions Depots

Underground Petrochemical Depots


Aircraft Shelters

Command / Control Centers

Surface Targets

Aircraft Runways

Dams Bridges

Critical Buildings

Area Targets

Radar Antennas

Stationary Air Defense Missile Sites

Industrial Facilities

Parked Aircraft

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