BAE Systems Unveils AMPV-Based C-UAS System

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BAE Systems Unveils AMPV-Based C-UAS System
BAE Systems has announced the firing tests of a new C-UAS system based on an Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV).

A video of the firing tests involving different scenarios was released. Ground targets were engaged with the chain gun and machine gun, and a small UAV target was engaged with proximity-fused ammunition fired from the chain gun.

AMPV-based C-UAS solution uses Moog’s RIwP modular weapon system used on the U.S.’s M-SHORAD air defence system and USMC’s MADIS Mk1 air defence system’s early prototypes.

RIwP configured for C-UAS systems is fitted with an M230LF 30x113 mm chain gun, M240 7.62 mm machine gun and up to eight FIM-92 Stinger air defence missiles. 

AMPV-Based C-UAS detail.jpg

XM1123 proximity-fused ammunition was developed for the M230LF chain gun to counter small UAVs at short range. Because of the small UAVs’ fragility, the blast effect and fragmentations from 30x113 rounds can achieve a knockout. For larger targets at longer ranges, Stinger missiles are preferred.

AMPV C-UAS uses Leonardo DRS RPS-42 AESA radars distributed in a four-way configuration to provide continuous hemispherical coverage for longer-range detection. This configuration of radars can be observed in other recent short-range air defence systems like MADIS Mk2 and ROKETSAN BURÇ.

The radar was previously manufactured by the Israeli RADA. Following a merger, Leonardo DRS took over production.

The U.S. is likely to increase the investment in mobile C-UAS systems like AMPV C-UAS and M-SHORAD following the observations on the Russo-Ukrainian War, as well as the encounters with adversaries like Houthis frequently using munition-carrying UAVs. 

AMPV family of armoured vehicles will replace the ageing M113 tracked armoured vehicles in the U.S. Army service. A contract was signed for the full-rate production of five configurations (General Purpose, Mission Command, MEDEVAC, Mortar Carrier, and Medical Treatment) 2023.

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