Azerbaijan to Acquire Leonardo’s C-27J Spartan

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Azerbaijan to Acquire Leonardo’s C-27J Spartan
Italy and Azerbaijan have diversified their bilateral relations by adding defence to the area of cooperation.

Two countries cooperate in the energy sector. This relation is extended to the defence sector with the signing of the contract for the supply of the C-27J Spartan. An Azerbaijani delegation visited Italy to sign a contract. 
The programme for procuring the C-27J tactical transport aircraft from Leonardo was agreed upon at a technical round table meeting between the Italian Ministry of Defence and its Azeri equivalent. The agreement is part of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ primary modernization strategy.

Leonardo’s C-27J Spartan is an aircraft capable of executing various defence and civil protection missions. Extensive operational experience earned while working with a variety of air forces around the world on military transport missions.
They include airdrops of paratroopers and materials, ‘last mile’ tactical troop support, special forces operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

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