ASFAT Plans Arpan Mock-Up for IDEX

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ASFAT Plans Arpan Mock-Up for IDEX
ASFAT, (Military Factories and Shipyards), the Turkish state subsidiary for military equipment, is preparing an Arpan truck-mounted howitzer mock-up for IDEX. The company officially promoted a self-propelled system in the IDEAS exhibition.

The enterprise continues to Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) system studies. According to information obtained from the TurDef exclusive sources, ASFAT is planning to showcase the Arpan SPH mock-up during IDEX.

The company has started the development of the vehicle after experiences and feedback obtained from the field. The weapon system is developed and produced by MKE (Makine ve Kimya Inc), electronic systems, as well as ballistic computers, are manufactured by ASELSAN, and the truck chassis is derived from BMC solution.

The system can fire modern artillery shells and offers ballistic protection to a crew of five. Chassis in 8x8 configuration and driven by 600 HP diesel engine. The operational range of the vehicle is published as 600 kilometres as well. Deployment and engagement require less than two minutes. The system weighs 40 tonnes.


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