ASELSAN Displays TOLUN IIR at Anatolian Eagle

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ASELSAN Displays TOLUN IIR at Anatolian Eagle
ASELSAN’s products are displayed in the open air at SOLOTURK F-16 Aircraft. Some products are displayed at an exhibition area dedicated to that purpose.

ASELSAN’s payloads and product families for munitions are displayed at the entrance of the Anatolian Eagle exercise briefing facility in Konya. The company demonstrates its Tolun IIR GPS/INS/IIR Guided Munition, SADAK-2T Smart Pneumatic Twin Rack, LGK-82 Laser guidance Kit Gözde, laser targeting and ISR payloads,  HGK-82 Precision Guidance Kit.

ASELSAN Tolun IIR TurDef.jpeg

Range 43 NM (80 km)
Altitude40.000 ft
CEP< 3 meters
Technical Specifications 






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