Anduril Unveils Roadrunner Loitering Munition

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Anduril Unveils Roadrunner Loitering Munition
Anduril has revealed the jet-powered Roadrunner-M loitering munition intended against UAVs and other slow to medium-speed aircraft.

Roadrunner takes off vertically from land or a carriage/launch unit called “Nest” and starts cruising after pitching down. Nest also acts as a communication node for the control unit, allowing for the control of multiple Roadrunners.

The loitering munition has an optical seeker to find targets. What kind of guidance is used hasn’t been specified, but imaging infrared guidance is a possibility, which is among the modern methods of guidance against air targets.

Roadrunner’s form is highly similar to that of a delta-wing fighter jet, providing high manoeuvrability coupled with two jet engines and a thrust-to-weight ratio higher than 1.

Roadrunner also possesses landing legs, allowing for vertical landing in case of failure or cancellation of engagement. Recovery capability is considered a feature that lowers operational costs for loitering munitions.

Another jet-powered loitering munition intended against UAVs and low-flying aircraft to be developed in the US is Coyote Block 2. Coyote Block 2 is rather reminiscent of a missile and smaller, enough to be fitted in a quad launcher unit.

Jet-powered loitering munitions combine the loitering and re-engagement advantages of a classic propeller-driven one while adding the needed speed for more effective use against air targets.

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