Alternatives to Foreign Messaging Services

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Alternatives to Foreign Messaging Services
Turkish Cyber Security Cluster presented its member companies messaging services that could be an alternative to foreign messaging services. A foreign messaging company that updated its privacy policy caused the reaction. Many uninstalled the application and some installed alternative ones.

The cluster presented 11 Turkish company that has similar messaging application. Some of them like HAVELSAN’s “ileti” is not for civilian use. It can be only downloaded and installed by state institutions.

These are the companies and their product with different types of solutions.

Turcell’s Bip is the mostpopular one. It has over 6 million users.

Türk Telekom presented LAFF. It aims individual users.

HAVELSAN’s İleti is only for institutional messaging. It encrypts instant messaging too. It is already in use.

DEKOB Teknoloji presented its UÇURTM. It provides file transfer, video conference as well.

NETAŞ produced NOVA S/COM for highly secure media communication platform. It allows 100MB of data file transfer.

AÇIK DENİZ BİLİŞİM presented Siper. It uses Pardus as software system and can operate behind firewalls.

ORDULU BILGI TEKNOLOJILERI produced ULAK.IM. This software uses end to end secure messaging

Defence Technology Company IC TERRA developed WORKIT. It provides a personal agenda, video conference as well.

SPEXCO developed SPEC for institutions.

PTT TEKNOLOJİ developed PTT TEL, which is independent of platforms.


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