AKINCI Hit Target with LGK-82

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AKINCI Hit Target with LGK-82
AKINCI Tested LGK 82
AKINCI Fighter UAV dropped LGK-82 ammunition guided with (Laser guidance kit) and hit the target at trials. Bayraktar AKINCI Fighter UAV, developed by Baykar within the scope of the AKINCI Project led by the Defence Industry Agency (DIA), is a domestic product.
A test campaign was carried out on Friday, July 1, 2022, with the LGK-82 developed by ASELSAN, and the test was completed successfully. AKINCI took off from Çorlu Airport and flew above the cloud at an average altitude of 30 thousand feet throughout the trial. It released LGK-82 and hit the target precisely as it was illuminated by the laser of Bayraktar TB2 Armed UAV flying under the cloud.AKINCI Hit Target with LGK-82LGK is a laser guidance kit which converts 500 lb MK-82 and 2,000 lb MK-84 dumb bombs into cost-effective and smart weapons to hit targets from kilometres away. LGK is released first time from UAV. AKINCI also carried the GÖZDE Guidance Kit, which TÜBİTAK SAGE developed.

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