Adress: Pavilion EXPANO Gornja Radgona Slovania
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Starting Date: 21 September, 07:00
End Date: 24 September, 14:00
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9. INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF DEFENCE, SECURITY, PROTECTION AND RESCUESobra in Gornja Radgona is an international trade fair for defense, security, protection and rescue. At the large exhibition center a number of international exhibitors shows news and innovations in the areas of military vehicles, fire engines, police vehicles, optics and ammunition, decontamination equipment, simulators and training equipment, equipment for tactical operations centers, night vision gear and surveillance equipment, security equipment, telecommunications equipment and a lot more for military, police and rescue services.SOBRA 2021 HAS ENTERED INTO AN ALLIANCE OF TRUST IN DEFENCE, SECURITY, PROTECTION AND RESCUE”We held the 8. International Fair SOBRA in exceptional circumstances, as an epidemic and measures were hanging over us, which posed new challenges for us. I am convinced that it was worthwhile to insist on the organization of this fair, because at this time it is important to be aware of the significance of the institutions that provide us with defence, security, protection and rescue.Although we are dealing with viruses a lot at the moment, other problems are no less topical, such as migration, climate change, cyber security… SOBRA is certainly the event where we can highlight current risks as well as various forms of defence, security, protection and rescue with which we can face them.We need umbrella institutions in these areas not only because we want to have our own country, language and culture, but also because we want to maintain our economy and other systems that an independent state need. On the occasion of the 30. anniversary of Slovenia as an independent state and the second presidency of the Council of the European Union, we can be proud of their organization and competence. This year’s Sobra, on the one hand, demonstrated their superior competences for the most demanding cases of defence, security, protection and rescue. At the same time, it showed state-of-the-art equipment and companies that manage to keep up with the competition or even surpass it in today’s demanding competitive struggle. Each institution and each exhibitor individually deserve praise for their performance. I believe that the umbrella institutions have convinced visitors and the general public of their importance and competence, and at the same time gained many new, good personnel. I believe that the companies competing in this demanding market have gained new customers, partners and ideas through appearance at the SOBRA fair.At Pomurski sejem, we did everything we could to make everyone, who introduced themselves at the fair or visited it, feel good, so that they would remain partners in our alliance of cooperation in the future.”Janez Erjavec, President of the Management Board of Pomurski sejem, at the closure of the fair.